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Bringing you the best and top class authentic Thai cuisine made with love. Each course is prepared and perfected by our Thai Chefs and Owner, ensuring the best quality.


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Meet the Owner - Jau Sekhon

Businesswoman, Chef, Owner, Jau Sekhon does it all. As a single mother, Jau started her current restaurant business almost overnight. The inspiration? Her two kids. Brand new to the culinary world, what she learned through the process was priceless.

In May 2005, Jau Sekhon opened Sabai Thai restaurant in Surrey, British Columbia, offering guests her authentic interpretation of Thai cuisine. As the executive chef and owner, she is continuously striving to build upon her vision of providing exemplary dishes and a comprehensive guest experience, while also encouraging a rewarding team environment for her staff.

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Real Thai Cooks
Hospitable Staff

Sabai Thai's menu is carefully created so the combination contrasting flavours of hot, sour, salty and sweet are perfectly balanced. The resulting menu is a luscious balance of textures, flavours and aromas. The hospitable staff are able to advise you on the best combination of Thai dishes in order to get the best balance of flavours during your meal. The strong flavours of chilli and spices can wreak havoc with some wines but Jau have carefully constructed a wine and beer list to complement the food. It is pure joy that ties wine to Sabai Thai's food in the deeper sense, and informs our belief that wine is an integral part.

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All Natural and Ethical Ingredients

Jau (Owner) cares very much about shopping for ingredients ethically as well as locally, and are very aware of our carbon and environmental footprint. All of Sabai Thai Restaurant ingredients are sourced from local B.C Grocery and from locally independent shops which gives the restaurant confidence in the quality and ethicality of products.

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Authentic Thai Experience

At Sabai Thai, Jau wanted to ensure the most authentic Thai cuisine experience. Thai meals are not served in courses and food at the table is meant to be shared. In other words, you order the rice, noodles, soups, curries and salads, all at once and enjoy the diverse flavours together.

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Local ingredients
Sabai thai restaurant

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